Bear and Man terrify each other

The beer advocate reviews seemed delightful to me. Apparently, Sink the Bismarck is very peppery and has more than just a boozy taste even with its high ABV.

Earthquake tastes like poison, I know that for certain, because I’ve drunk it many times when I was young and broke. Now I’m a little less young and have a job and can graduate up to drinking beer for reasons other than getting drunk as a skunk.

Oops, you’re right, I meant to say ‘black bear’.

You, my friend, win the internet for today.

This is why one should always carry a dull hatchet when living in bear country.

I’m not a fan of Brewdog’s beers myself. Punk IPA f’rinstance tastes like floorcleaner. Too much American style EXTREEEEMMME! HOPPED TO THE MAX, DUUUUUDE!!! for my liking. Mind you, my friend blagged a job as master brewer with them on the strength of his homebrewing chops, so that was nice of them. It’s still pish though.

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Many bear encounters seem to go this way. Moose, on the other hand, will flip out on you with no notice. I’d much rather run into a non-sick/non-momma w/ cubs/non-tweaked out bear any day of the week compared to one of those monster head ‘n’ hooves tundra munchers.

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It’s only real use is as a joke in comments sections, so agreed!

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I agree wholeheartedly, but have to comment that the childish part of my mind thinks “Tundra Munchers” sounds somewhat dirty (and perfect for a band name!).

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