Creepy clown doll scares bear from garbage can scavenging


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That bear is going to come back, pissed and rip that clown to pieces. Please keep the video!


Scared me and the bear.


Ditto. I knew what I was getting into when I clicked on a clown video, but I still feel for the bear.



I wonder if that’s more likely when the doll moves - like a Teddy Ruxpin or Tickle Me Elmo (both of which I would pay to see mauled by a bear).


Wonder if it works on Raccoons.

I take it back: I wonder how long it works on raccoons. Probably about 5 minutes.


FTFY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You sure that’s a doll? Certain enough to turn your back?


Is that American pissed or British pissed?

Either works.


Clowns are evil and horrible. Even bears agree.


When you come home late the doll is waiting up for you
And when you fix a snack the doll says it would like one too
The doll is in your house and in your room and in your bed
The doll is in your eyes and in your arms and in your head


You could also just bearproof your cans with fasteners.

But clowns work too, it seems.


LOL, British!


Yeah, that’s for lazy/not very hungry/can go right to the neighbors’ can that’s not locked type bears.

I’ve seen a bear open a locked car door (and not in any subtle lock-pickey fashion). A decently sized bear can certainly pry a plastic lid apart, even if locked.


I like the fact that they screw the hasp down with square-drive screws, presumably in case the bear has a slotted or Phillips driver with him.


Probably just Canucks. They have more sensible screws than us.

They also know what comes in cans, and will smash your car window to get them.


The bear proof boxes work pretty well where I live, even though I’ve seen the damge done to cars, etc.

But any type of fastener strikes me as more effective than a clown decoration.


Bears aren’t dumb. It’s not that they can’t get into most of the things we make to keep them out, it’s that it’s just a lot of effort. When it’s easier to just go next door and raid their cans…


So here’s a thought. Fill trashcan-guarding clowns with Purina bear chow. Bears learn that clowns are delicious.
Now you’ve solved multiple problems!