Man in bear suit gives co-worker a scare


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I shouldn’t laugh, but I am!


Don’t try this in a well armed nation


Co-worker 1: “Where’d that ol’ rascal get off to anyway, did he get moved to the other job site?”
Co-worker 2: “Beats me, I haven’t seen him since the concrete pour.”


To blatantly reuse a gif posted on another thread yesterday, clearly said co-worker wasn’t a calico cat.

In all seriousness, that’s a great prank. Something you can laugh about years later. Not like so much of the stupid shit you see on YouTube these days that’s considered a “prank”.


Can’t say I agree. Running the risk of an induced heart attack or other injuries doesn’t strike me as a great idea. But then, I’m biased because I fucking hate pranks. They’re a way of temporarily controlling another person.


Thanks, @milliefink for keeping me honest.

I’ll add a big caveat to my statement: as with many things in life, there has to be some mutual consent here. If you pull a prank on someone who doesn’t enjoy them and you don’t have the kind of relationship where this is acceptable (and you don’t accept that there will be retaliation at some point), then you’re not funny – you’re an asshole.


Fair enough!


Not to spoil the fun, but I imagine this would be less funny to anybody who has ever been attacked by a bear. But I don’t know anybody who has.


Agreed. And if the pranker were to know that about the prankee, then the pranker would be the very embodiment of assholishness. But yeah, I’ve never known a bear-attack victim either.


Say what you will about the guy running away but the guy has survival skills.


As usual, the Japanese are way out ahead of us on this.


I think it’s important to consider the interpersonal dynamic between those involved. To me, the difference between a good prank and a bad prank is whether the “victim” is left laughing afterward. If they’re humiliated or just pissed off instead of amused then it’s a case of humor fail.

If you don’t know another person well enough to predict how they’ll react then you shouldn’t be pranking them.


A dedicated survivor would have hurled one of his coworkers in the direction of the bear as he ran by.


Yep, thanks, understood that already when @ficuswhisperer said it.


that mutley laugh was the best. also, that guy is the worst bear imitator i’ve ever seen. hilarious.


I do, and the stories always involve one of three components: pepper spray, guns, or the local news taking an interview from the coroner.


Not to mention the danger of sending a man running for his life through a jobsite, which are full of things you don’t want to run into, open trenches, rebar stakes, and heavy excavation machinery for example.


This is how I turned friends into foes with a similar simple trick.
Ages ago, probably high school sophomores.
I had a friend who lived next door (1/4 mile down the road)… He and another friend had walked over to visit and they were now leaving on a dark moonless night. As they were leaving, a little spark went off in my noggin (ooo, get even time for whatever their last shenanigans were). So, I took off as fast as I could through our field (not a well-manicured field, but a rather hostile field). After tripping/falling/stumbling more times than I could count, I finally got to where I was in front of them. I hid in the ditch and when they approached, I came out growling my best grizzly growl. One guy grabbed the other one and held him in front to protect himself – they both swore that they saw a real bear. They both forgave me for a good laugh, but I don’t think that Dave ever quite forgot that Gregg offered him up as a sacrifice.


I’ve always gone by the adage “Bear food runs from bears”. Real bears are actually much faster than humans, and the last thing you want is one chasing you. That being said, I’m not sure what I’d do in a comparable situation if I ran into one around a blind corner.