Bear and Man terrify each other


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“startle”, Xeni, “startle”.

And that looked like a juvenile brown bear.


I don’t know if a bear shits in the forest, but I’m pretty sure that guy needs to change his boxer briefs in the suburbs.


I mean, come on. You’d be scared too if you walked around the corner and found yourself face-to-face with a 200 pound ape.


I ran into one in the woods once. Did the exact same thing. It became a race to see who could run the fastest in the opposite direction. I think the bear won.


Every time that I encountered a black bear, it was the same thing… I look at it; it looks at me; we both turn around and head off in the opposite direction. (probably had a half dozen encounters over the years)


I, too, would run around to the back of the house, enter through the back door and catch him as he was trying to get out that way. Imagine his surprise as I eat him!


so you didn’t have to run faster than the bear, just faster than your buddy that was running in the opposite direction.


well of course you’d say that, you’re just a monkey.


Who is the person recording this and not alerting the guy about the bear? You got to really not like your neighbor if you let them walk face to face with a bear!

( I guess the recorder may not have known somebody was coming around the corner.)


Oops, you frightened baby bear and now momma bear is going to scoop out several of your internal organs.


Some bullshit happening somewhere


Firstly. that looks like its been shot with a very long (telephoto) lens.

Bear with me, one might think I am being flippant in entertaining the thought of warning the other participant, but if one ever ACTUALLY tried warning a man of potentially impending doom, said Cassandra would be crushed and dispirited by the sheer futility and self-harm invariably resulting from such a beatific venture.

Bear it is, then. Even at close range, bird or man, the only universal (instant) warning one could give is yelling AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and running away with all your appendages wildly flapping. Now if I was a (mother) bear, (not pictured) I would most certainly not be very amused, seeing that.

All in all the episode played out as well as it could have, unless we’re talking about some kind a hypothetical ancient monk bear whisperer, who maliciously failed to bear-whisper.

It would be amusing, if it wasn’t so sad, that the modern man has the inter-species social skills of a bear cub.

In all seriousness, do NOT yell, do NOT spazz, do NOT run away


As a pretty much exactly 200# ape I take deep offense at that Sir and/or Madam (or whatever else)!


The coat and shape of the shoulders look more like a black bear to me. He looks a lot like the ones I’ve seen around Yosemite (which are pretty chill as long as you don’t surprise them). Here’s one I spotted with my kids a few years ago:


I must have read this title as ‘Beer and Man terrify each other’ several times before finally clicking the link out of curiosity.


Well… Here’s a “beer” (I’m actually not sure this swill is legally allowed to be called that) which scares the hell out of me:

But pretty much any other beer should fear me, for I am become death, the devourer of hops and malted barely. No beer can withstand my desolation.

But seriously, I used to drink Earthquake, and it literally tastes and feels like you’re being poisoned.


The stuff in Scotland doesn’t scare easily.


Apparently, Sink The Bismarck tastes like an artillery shell scoring a direct hit on the battleship that is your mouth… At least according to beer advocate.

The flavor of Earthquake is more akin to suffocating to death in the trenches when a fog bank of blistering mustard gas rolls in and settles on top of you.


Is that good or bad? It could well be used to describe eating a ghost chilli.