Appalling bear attack on man

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Oh sure it’s all fun and games now, but we’ll see who’s laughing when he weighs 800 pounds.


Or 40 pounds


we’ll see who’s laughing when he weighs 800 pounds.

If that man ever makes it to 800 pounds his cholesterol levels will pose a far greater threat than any bear.


I cringe to think about what happens when moma shows up and treats the guy like he’s a pedophile after her kid…That could get REALLY ugly real fast.

Very cute, but videos like this just leave me with questions. Where’s the mother? What happened to the cub? Without knowing what’s happening or how a baby bear got to be running around alone, it’s hard not to find it more sad than anything else. Googling didn’t uncover much–anyone else know what’s going on here?


Good thing for him he had the foresight to put on his bearproof clothing that morning.

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Ugh grizly man…
My wife knew his sister back in her librarian days, what a preventable mess, bears are not ours friends, leave them in peace.

Agree with the above, the most frightening animal to encounter in all of the of the forest is a cute bear cub(edit, or a man), there is an enraged hyper-protective sow somewhere who can only be escaped with the speed of a powered vehicle or the violence of a modern high powered repeating firearm.

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Well it looks to me this is part of a forest fire. Which is how they found Smokey the Bear (ironic his mother named him that.) Odds are the mother is lost or killed.

Or maybe she’s visiting friendly tree stand hunters.

Next year, that’s guys going to come back to see his little friend, and Boing Boing will be posting a very different video.

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