Beard Cultivation

As every man with the ability ought to, I’m cultivating my first voluntary full beard.

“It is a joy! A live truly lived.” - they said, my peers.
They did not warn me of The Itch, the malady that keeps on annoying.

They said a man and his beard are a private relationship. A journey to be made alone.
I say this is lunacy. In today’s multicultural, interconnected, modern world, we should
support each other. We should teach, and in turn learn.

And so, my fellow beardies, I reach out to you:
What is your sage advice? What are the secrets every man should know?
Let us collect our bearded wisdom in one place.

Should one use conditioner? What is the right way to inform a fellow beard-wielder that there’s ice cream in his beard? Should one trim on, or below the jawline?

We stand only to benefit from this, fellow Boingers!
All are welcome- bearded, or bereft!

I look forward to your insights.


Monkeytail or nothing.

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It’s madness! Madness!

It gets all my respects. All of them.
I have no more respects to give today.

Excellent thread. I’ve been growing out for a good 8 months now. Slow progress! I condition with the same thing I condition my hair: Tigi Bubblegum Superstar Conditioner.

I’ll get my coat.

This guy in Bondi, just around the corner from where I live has a beard so awesome it can warp surrounding faces.

I like a beard that says, “Hey, life it not that serious.”

I agree.
And also, a beard that says “I am building a death ray in my secret lab.”