This beard-specific shampoo and conditioner makes a difference

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Well… this is weird. I bought and use that same kit. It seemed to help when I get it super long (long for me).

Weird!! Your experience matches that of another purchaser.

Call Mulder and Scully.

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combing or brushing makes a big difference too…didn’t know this because until covid lock downs i had short hair and a short beard…after a few months of lockdown my hair wasn’t very long yet but my beard was getting long…and then fooling around in front of my kids one day i used my daughter’s brush to brush my beard (to her disgust) and found it made a big difference to the way my beard felt. give it a try.


Haha - but of all of the hundreds of beard products on Amazon, we did manage to get the same kit. We both like Star Wars and are beard twins, evidently :wink:

I like the sandalwood smell a lot. I’m not big on fragrances, but I do like that one.

I took to combing too. I can sometimes do it too much and aggravate the skin underneath. But it would help smooth it out. I had it very long until I trimmed it in the spring. It also help get the loose hairs out. I might grow it out in the winter again. Seasonal depression, go!

What kind of brush are you talking - the kind with the short bristles?

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I’ve noticed the opposite problem. Anybody try this with shorter facial hair to any effect?

I have gone from Bail Organa to Obi Wan. Plo Koon when I’m lazy.

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i just used my daughter’s brush once, and now i use a cheap comb that came with the trimmer i used to use to shave my head. nothing fancy.

I would never buy a notion or potion with such awful kerning on the packaging.



ugh, you’re right


Along with shampoo and conditioner, I’ve found that a boars hair (or synthetic facsimile) brush is very pleasant on the ol’ soup strainer / lunch saver and skin beneath. Slightly abrasive, in a good way!

I also enjoy a sandalwood comb that imparts a delightful scent for awhile. YMMV.

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