Beastie Boys & Run DMC in 'Together Forever,' new Glen E. Friedman photo book

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“Being accepted by Run-DMC and touring with Run-DMC was a mark of authenticity for Beastie Boys.”
They were on the same label Def Jam. Beastie Boys earlier than Run-DMC. Def Jams’s co-founder Russell Simmons is Run’s big brother. Of course they were accepted.


I think this book might be solidly aimed directly at me.

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I started to think the remaining members of both groups should do an album together, but no, hip-hop is a young man’s game. R.I.P. Jay and Yauch.

The Beasties being on the label is not the same thing as being universally accepted in the greater Hip Hop community. I don’t think everybody was sold on their “authenticity” in 1987.

Being publicly and directly supported by Run-DMC meant something.

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