Run-DMC invades MTV


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I feel like the fool here, but am I supposed to know who that kid was?


Sorry, I don’t understand your reply.

If you had read the TOS, either you’d know who the kid was, or you’d know not to ask who the kid was.

Be seeing you.

The one with Larry “Bud” Melman is much better.

My recollection is not that MTV felt “comfortable” showing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” video, but that CBS’s Epic records (Jackson’s label at the time) told MTV that they would pull all of their artists off of the fledgling cable channel unless MTV played Michael Jackson’s video. I believe that is the real reason MTV relented and began playing more African-American artists.


seeing this on mtv was mind blowing. shit, i still have my leather blazer from wilson’s.

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you cannot drop that kind of a bombshell without pics. let’s see it, guy!

Ed really hates Russell Simmons, doesn’t he?

I think he just really enjoys interpreting “New York accent with a speech impediment” into written English.

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I realize maybe this is more related to last week’s HHFT but since its still about Rock Box, I just came across an interview with Russell Simmons from the February 1985 issue of Heavy Metal where he tells a completely different story about the guitars in Rock Box. By that version, Run DMC were recording in the same studio as a Brooklyn metal band called Riot and when they heard the loud guitars they wanted to do something with that sound themselves. Thoughts @Ed_Piskor ?

I read the same thing…

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