Beatings—er, bonuses will continue at Palantir until morale improves

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Nothing quite like having stock options with the value of pocket sand thrown in your face as “compensation.”

I remember working at a large, international retailer that was overvalued just before I got into the company. Every stock option I received was like a kick in the teeth as it dropped two or three dollars every quarter thereafter.

“I’ll gladly pay you adequately on Tuesday for some dedicated work today.”


Roger That!


Who would have thought that a company run by a thin-skinned vampiric sugar daddy to the alt-right would have morale problems?


*** them also for tainting Tolkien’s work by associating themselves with it.


It does tell you something about a company when they decide to name themselves after a device that was used to corrupt good men and drive them to despair and evil, and allowing them to be manipulated by the one who controls the devices.

In the end, their website will only display and image of the burning hands of Peter Thiel, forever.


Did you mis-spell ‘morals’? :wink:


I’m no financial wizard, so I’m coming at this from the position of “wage slave” but it sure sounds like everything is roses over there. Let me know when it’s orchids.

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Stock Options ?!? Lucky Duck !!!

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But it’s Palantír. So nothing of value is lost?

Or lilies.

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Ah, right. I’m not a flower guy. I meant lilies. Eesh.

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Orchids are nice, though.

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General Sternwood: Do you like orchids?
Philip Marlowe: Not particularly.
General Sternwood: Ugh. Nasty things. Their flesh is too much like the flesh of men, and their perfume has the rotten sweetness of corruption.

– The Big Sleep

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