United's CEO just lost out on the Chairmanship of United's board


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i am not satisfied


I would love to think that this is some sort of corporate “wake up” moment, but we all know that this is just that the absolute callous disregard and abuse of the customer when publicized like this case has been ends up costing the company $$$.

I imagine that this isn’t really because of what happened, but that they got pilloried for it.


Seems fair. Salary is potentially $X. Actually Y% of X, based on customer satisfaction ratings.


Oh, sweet karma, but as if? Justice will never be served but termination with millions as per O’boneheadReilly…big pay for bad behavior. One person replied the mom was trying to get her 15 minutes…to which country has civility fled? Oh, but we LOVE waterboarding!


People are talking about this as is he’s been horribly shafted, but you know he’s still being paid a godzillion dollars, and he just got a very clear, simple metric for how to earn it. I wouldn’t mind having those problems.


The biggest irony is how a top executive so rarely is held accountable for such a blunder, when a low or mid-level employee would have been tarred and feathered for a screw-up which cost the company far less money or goodwill.

I can’t fathom how a company the size of United, which undoubtedly has both a public relations department and access to top consultants who have experience with damage control, allowed the chief executive to release statements after the incident which were so incredibly tone deaf. Whoever wrote those press releases should have been canned.


I wonder who will measure customer satisfaction, and how they’ll measure it.


Adios mofo.


Where Y% = 100% - 0.00000000000000000000000001 * (customer_satisfaction)


So if you’re a flight attendant who doesn’t like your boss go beat up a passenger. And maybe if you explain to the passenger why you’re beating them up they’ll agree it’s worth it.


I don’t think they can legally just take everything he owns from him like that!


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