Beautiful, 1 oz calavera and oracle coins


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Man, i love custom coins for random stuff and this is pretty great. Will have to add it to me bookmarks of Shiny Stuff I Want


I have the Oracle Coin as it was part of a kickstarter for making new tarot cards:

It is a beautiful coin.


I think i recognize the tarot set from KS but must’ve been in the middle of something else, otherwise i might’ve put some money on it.

You should post up a pic of your coin (:


You can still buy the deck he made. The rest of the Major Arcana are in a supplementary deck that he hasn’t finished yet (it is in process).

I’m about 800 miles or so from my house or I’d post a picture of the coin.


Shame you can’t… conjure up something :smiley: </ bad joke>

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