Beautiful 5-part a cappella version of The Beatles' "Blackbird"

Originally published at: Beautiful 5-part a cappella version of The Beatles' "Blackbird" | Boing Boing

This seems to be based on the Kings Singers version, strange not to see them credited anywhere.


So, what exactly is this song about? Thanks to the mercurial memory of Paul McCartney, the origin story has changed over the years.

Maybe not so much mercurial as embarrassment that they fell for the patter of a giggling grifter and sexual predator.

Nice, but I miss the squeak of the fingers along the guitar strings as the musician moves from a lower G chord to a higher G chord.
Maybe they could dub that in?


Agreed, The Real Group’s version starts out sounding almost identical to this (and really that should have been acknowledged somehow). But then they take it in like 10 different directions, and it’s gorgeous. Gave me chills.

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