Beautiful animation about human origins

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Freaking awesome, love this stuff!

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Very good, sent it on to a lot of folks!

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Although what I mostly learned was that almost every active person in humanity’s history was a man, and that women are involved when we just see someone’s head or we go back to steal a baby.

(I guess it’s very hard to get out of this stereotype, and generally seems invisible, since almost every textbook image of early humans is almost always of cave-men.

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I learned from it that the idea that every advance in computing is really driven by pornography goes back a long way - the bikini seems to have been invented about 200kya, which would seem to set a date for the whole Garden of Eden thing with the snake.

I know it’s difficult to strike a balance with stuff supposed to be seen by kids - but really! If we don’t want to admit that our ancestors that far back dressed more or less like Amazonian native people today, at least go for a Masai-style cloak.

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Cute animation aside, I’ve never though of Kurzgesagt as being particularly “for kids”. They have a pull-no-punches approach to mature subjects like drug addiction, the death of the universe, and so on.

The nipple covering was a bit weird in that context. Not every animated pop-philosophy YouTube channel bothers with that.

Although what I mostly learned was that almost every active person in humanity’s history was a man

Which seems funny to me, because I’ve always figured that walking upright was about carrying babies. Because carrying babies means that we can have infants that are more immature at birth, which means that bigger heads as adults and still (usually) get out of the birth canal without killing mom.

I’d love to see a text book that focused on prehistoric people by looking (even just visually!) mostly at the females of the species, because it would be more likely that students would come up with hypotheses like that, instead of “we walked upright so we could carry spears”, which is what every student gets from the typical “ascent of man” style images (faithfully replicated in OPs animation).

and men ascended without showing the penis once!

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It wasn’t quite up to date with the latest findings. They stated that one of our related species survived until almost 10,000 years ago. Presumably they refer to Homo floresiensis, but a recent redating of the fossils and tools pushes a firm date back to 50,000 years ago. The graphics also showed the loom as invented after agriculture, but a find in central Europe of loom weights and textile patterns imprinted on clay prove it was invented thousands of years before the neolithic began.

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