Beautiful book showcases the early Amiga demoscene

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Oh wow…that takes me back! I had quite a collection of demos back then and used to annoy my wife by trying to show them to everyone who came to the house. Some were interested fellow-nerds. Others (like my in-laws) just seemed baffled. I think I was surprised when everyone’s response didn’t match the enthusiasm shown at my local Amiga user-group. :roll_eyes:


I was introduced to The Art of Noise when I was in high school through “Paranoimia” being used as the background music for an Amiga demo.


For anyone interested, I strongly recommend Jimmy Maher’s book The Future Was Here all about the Amiga.

My favorite section is his deep dive on the Boing demo. It wasn’t 3D at all, of course, but rather a very clever leveraging of the machine’s layered bitplane scrolling mechanisms. Like, it’s so much more clever than you are even imagining right now as I write this. Go read it.


OH, that looks interesting!


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