Beautiful insect tattoo can spread its wings


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“Ewwww. . . you’ve got a huge bug on your arm!”


And the bottom one of Florida Voldemort, what’s that there for?



Anybody recognize if it’s a real species?

It’s male, but it’s not quite a Goliath or Elephant beetle.


It would be pretty easy to adapt this concept into a stinkbug.



@AndreaJames - could you explain the significance of the bottom tattoo of the older (Jewish?) gentleman? Is the bottom half of his face done invisibly in UV ink or something?


She said:

This one’s pretty neat, too

It’s a nice design that captures the person in a kind of minimalist way instead of being a straight up portrait.


May I never see it spread its wings.


I suspect it’s a beloved relative who has rocked those same accessories as long as the tattoo owner has known and loved him. The shirt may change, but the glasses and hat remain.


That tattoo is a really truly Wonderful Thing.


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