Tattoo mistake


Just add two legs, done.


It’s a scorpion that got into a fight and got two of its legs ripped off. You should see the other scorpion.


I don’t understand – I see eight legs in the image.

I thought the same thing, but apparently the two appendages in the front are called " pedipalps". Spiders also have pedipalps, but they are usually used for sensory instead of viciously clamping down on enemies and looking like a badass.


I don’t get it these tattoo mistakes.

Either the tattoo painter didn’t follow specs (in which case he should pay through the nose) or the customer cares so little about the tattoo that he doesn’t check the number of legs or how something is really spelled and so one.

And in these cases: Why even bother with a tattoo?

I admit that I’m not a fan of the things, but if I’d offer the rarest canvas in the world, I’d make sure that the delivery is of appropriate quality.


It seems to me that most people spend less time planning and proofing their tattoo than they do their business cards.

Me? If I was going to get a tattoo, I’d have the artwork done first, stare at it for at least 3 months, research the best tattoo artists in the area and get them (or heck, the artist) to temporarily ink the art and let me live with it for a day before they actually did anything permanent. But then I’m also the guy who gets gas the before the empty tank warning light goes on.



If you go by evolutionary history, there are 7 legs in the picture.

incorrect scorpion tattoos seem to be quite common - google image search

Yes, tattoos must always, always be realistic. Just like cartoons & animation. No liberties must be taken. This is why I can’t watch The Simpsons. How can you even accept their humanity when they all have only 3 fingers on each hand?

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Yet one more reason to get ephemeral, painted-on body art. Why anyone thinks they’ll want a design (aside from the inevitable degradation w/ age) forever is beyond me.

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Six legs good, eight legs bad.


TWO more appendages at the mouth are called chelicerae, and like the pedipalps they have pincers.

It’s also a good idea to draw a circle on your skin the same total area as the tattoo will be, to see if you’re happy to get something in that space

Apparently “proofreading is for wussies” or whatever. I don’t get it either, this stuff is permanent, so you’ve got to make sure. But then I’m also the guy who stocks spare parts for his spare parts.

Just put your shirt on when a scientist comes around. Problem solved.

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I have a scorpion tattoo. It’s the first tattoo I got. I did not look at it closely … it’s on my back. And I hate to admit this, but I’m now going to have to go look at it in the mirror to make sure it has 8 legs, because I honestly don’t know. I picked a scorpion off the wall of art they had in the tattoo parlor. I was young and stupid, although I guess I haven’t gotten that much smarter since I’ve never gone back and looked at it that closely. Ok, going to the bathroom now to check it out.

Update: Whew … it has 8 legs.


I still don’t get why people get all these tattoos these days.

Branding run amok.