Beautiful new Massive Attack music video with Kate Moss

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strange to think that the model in that video has gained weight since I saw her last.

Look, it’s out of my hands
And you getting money around here, it’s not in the plans
So hop your ass out of that van, head back to Kansas
I’m sending n*ggas back up in campuses
Chance is slimmer than that chick in Calvin Klein pants is
–Jay-Z “Friend or Foe” 1996

more Massive Attack

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Massive Attack’s collaborative track with Young Fathers, the video which came out only a few weeks ago, is also amazingly brutal, chilling and gorgeous. (WARNING: There is some disturbing content in this video…not necessarily NSFW, but needle-in-eye body horror and physical/mental violence that some might find quite repellant)

(So excited to see Young Fathers live tonight!)
(EDIT Update: It was one of the best concerts, out of many, I’ve been to! They were brilliant.)


Meh, I made it halfway through. Both music and visuals got boring for me even sooner than that. So . . . static.

I thought it was lovely.
Halfway through is right where it gets good.

Oh ffs. Yes, I did find that repellant. What in the world did you find compelling about it?

The amazing surroundings, the talent of the dancer, the quality of the choreography, the outstanding photography work, the excellence of the FX, and the mystery of the context. Where is this world? What is the robot, or its purpose? What is the individual running from, and to where? It reminds me of an out-of-context clip from THX1138/Logan’s Run turned up to 11. And, in the end, I love Massive Attack and Young Fathers. That pulsing, raw sound of the music in the video that drives into the more animal sections of the brain. Reminds me of Romain Gavras’ work for, as well as the music in, Justice’s Stress video (

Was relaxing my partner the earlier in the week, browsing YouTube, and saw it recommended to me. Had no idea what I was getting us into, but we couldn’t look away. Riveted by the story. The same reaction came from some friends last night when we were having a YouTube party. Lots of interested discussion after, but the same reaction during…riveted - and this is from a crowd of people who are not at all into body horror, traumatic physicality, or things of that nature.

Definitely know that some people would have issue, thus the bolded disclaimer. Don’t want people blindly stumbling into something that might cause them grief.

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