Wonderfully surreal music video for Japan's 'Young Juvenile Youth'


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It’s beautiful. And disturbing too. I don’t think I ever noticed before, whenever a human form is being playfully dismembered like this, it’s female. Whoduthunkit?


Fun, but is it really surreal as the imagery doesn’t seem to reflect the emotion of the song. As Bruce Lee told Salvador Dali, “Don’t think… feel!”

The weirdest thing was the lack of blinking.

It reminds me of Shintaro Kago’s works.

But I will not post here any of his works because NSFWoAROMGWTF.

am I the only one that thinks that GIFs of a part of the video, right below the video kind of ruin it?

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Funny, she reminded me of…

It reminds me of this old Björk Video.


I dated a girl in Japan who used to do that. Had to time the goodnight kisses just right…


The video did not do a lot for me, outside of showing some visual effects that have been around for quite a while now.

A better, much more coherent example of artfully cutting up an image, is Charles Atlas’s ‘99 (Johanna)’. I haven’t been able to find a copy of it online, but here’s a review which will give you an idea: http://www.artezine.com/issues/17/az17_gfca.html

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