Crazy quick cut faces video for The Paper Kites' "Young"


Holy crap. I had to stop playing.

I was getting motion sickness learning toward an epileptic attack.

Man, that was a lot of hair.

The young and follicly challenged (it happens) were under represented.

Whoa, that sounds like a lot of work. Surely they could have written a program to do this?

It’s all about the programs for you young whipper snappers, isn’t it?

I stepped through a few frames and got a uncanny valley vibe from some of these faces. I don’t think they’re all fake but some of them sure seem like they might be composite or at least oddly distorted.

The images seem to be utterly disconnected from the song, You could sub in any number of other songs and achieve a similar effect. It’s like a stunt looking for a reason to happen.

Often the case.

Actually, it looks like they’re singing along with the lyrics, although maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part.

Yes, and and for us old whippersnappers as well.

It’s PKD’s Scramble Suit from A Scanner Darkly.

I’m no marketing wizard, but you’ve got to throw in a couple of naked people if you want the kids to watch…





and so on.

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