Beautiful Patagonia avalanche


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I want to think they knew they were at a safe distance. If not, is … well, very much the definition of irresponsible



:astonished: absolutely beautiful!!! I feel prescient all of the sudden.


What would you have them do? Try to outrun it?


What is that white stuff?


Snow. Sort of.


Did he died? Your concern is noted, however, they were well uphill of the course of the avalanche. But still, you’ve done gods work here today.


Reconstituted Nimbus.


Thanks for the passive agressive bullshit out of nowhere. I’ll be sure to run my comments before your review board before publication.

Or not.


consider it a friendly reminder that concern trolling seems quite passive aggressive to some others.

and you’re welcome. I assume you hadn’t sunk to the great depths of failed character required for passive aggression when you wrote those thanks? Right? (that’s a rhetorical question, i consider this exchange of ideas quite complete)

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