Beautiful Seymchan pallasite meteorite


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Very beautiful. Striking. We are all stardust!


Can’t fool me. That’s one of them expensive chocolates.


For a while, I had a posting up called “Pallasite Lust” where I listed all the pallasites I hoped to get samples of. One of my personal milestones was fulfilled when I procured a nice thin slice of Esquel, credit card sized. I’m still looking for some of the harder to find pallasites. They are beautiful when nicely prepared, like stained glass windows.


eta: Esquel, but not mine :frowning:


Kinda looks like turkish delight.


I know what it reminds me of, and I don’t want to be around when they come looking for the bit that fell off…



I first read that as parasite meteorite . . . the mind works(?) in mysterious ways.


Kind of reminds me of a candy my mother liked. It was soft and white with gumdroppy inclusions, and I could swear she called it “ambrosia,” but a diligent 2-minute search tells me there is no such thing. I am sure I didn’t dream it. Does anybody have any idea what this was?


If you try to bite into a pallasite, unless you are the Iron Giant, you’ll be sorry!


I remember that; it used to be available in the bad old days when there was a Brach’s Candy Shoppe with multiple tubs of candies in many grocery stores, $1.99 per pound, mix and match. It came in cello-wrapped blocks about the size of your thumb, and I think it was called ‘ambrosia’; my mom used to adore it.
eta: Now they call it ‘jelly nougats’.



They really do look like pallasite.


I have two iron meteorites - but nothing like that… I might just have to look into it.


Ambrosia is right. As I recall it was far from being the food of the gods.


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