Beauty of firing a golf ball cannon at balloons filled with ooblek

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So, what if the murder weapon was made of this stuff?


Sounds a like a fun potential replacement for either the frog in boiling water or north wind/sun metaphors…

Or, for that matter, the weapon-defense cloak-field in Dune. (I forget the actual name and am too dang lazy to look it up)


The books call it “The Fluegelhoffer”.

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The slow golf ball penetrates the oobleck.

(But then again, so does the fast one. And it looks way cooler.)


dancing on oobleck

cool stuff, but have these guys ever heard of eye protection?


If you mean from the rest of the video, in which the chainsaw impression on oobleck is underwhelming, yes…just add TL:DR on the nice animgif by NevadaSteve above. It misses little from the 1080p YouTube version’s 27-minute outing.

Well, the view count and the ad for a local ground cover/grass company aside.

Neat. I didn’t know corn starch and water had a name. I remember a fellow dishwasher in the country club kitchen I worked in as a lad wowed me with science by throwing a glob of this stuff against a tile wall. The effect was quite satisfying (and messy).


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absolutely. if one is to inspire and be all sciencey? one MUST protect the eyes.

The whole video I kept waiting for him finally to put on some safety gear but ultimately concluded that the maker is just another YouTube moron, just with a better education and a nicer back yard. I don’t care that “The Backyard Scientist” is not doing science, but I do care that he makes scientists look like unsafe idiots.

Ears but not eyes? With a chainsaw and projectile devices?

I cannot wait until he shoots his eye out.

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I think it is a toss up whether it will be him or one of his unsuspecting neighbors. Watching him fire golf balls in the direction of his neighbors hard out of his potato cannon with nothing more than a propped up chaise lounge as a backstop made me cringe.

Oh, I think the neighbors legal action will take care of itself. It’s when he has to tell his insurance company he wasn’t wearing eye protection like all those devices said he should and they just shake their heads and give him an eyepatch and a hearty pat on the back.

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But it’s for science!

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