What's inside golf balls? Watch this guy slice open 10 of them, and find out

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That triple-mantle ball was my favorite. Reminded me of the Jell-O Parfait three-layer dessert.


I remember someone cutting open a ball for us kids way back in the day and showing us the compressed elastic. Up until this video just now I thought all golf balls were rubber bands encased in a white shell.

Also, I don’t play golf.


Nice! More of such wonderful things, please?

…also, such hand saw is a rather inferior tool for cutting golf balls. A water jet is way better.

…but then, a reciprocial electric hand saw you have is an obvious choice against a waterjet that you don’t have. I’d dare to say that the choice is forced to you in such situation, even if @acerplatanoides would maybe disagree.




That’s what I remember from doing it as a kid… Lot’s of little rubber bands with a tiny rubber ball in the center. I loved cutting through the rubber bands - there was something very satisfying about the way they snapped.


That must be one of the balls that was put through a nuclear reactor to make them more bouncy - there were occasionally some minor side effects.

irradiated golf balls


Is this the kind of thing infinite bandwidth gives us? Powerful computers and vast networks of cable delivering megabytes of data consisting of public domain music, fancy fonts, a measly 118 words, and meaningless images? I don’t know anything more that I did 3 minutes ago. Haskell? Surlyn? He throws out terms as if they are supposed to be meaningful. Why is marketing copy used so credulously? Why are they all labeled “solid core” when they are all solid core? Might as well label them all “spherical”.


Are you… disappointed?


Closed mind won’t absorb new things. It’s natural.

Brand names and types usually have certain meaning.

Maybe, just maybe, because there are some that are liquid-core? Notice the fluid leaking when this one is cut and then maybe go read something about golf balls, the material science involved is quite fascinating.


Editing on that video was wayyyyy more dramatic than the topic it was covering. A soundtrack like that, you need grizzled warriors heading into battle. Not some schlub in a workshop with power tools.


I was gonna comment making fun of Sawz-all style reciprocating saws as a finger dismemberment device and include a photo of the Saudi Arabian finger cutting machine.

But when I searched for it, I got more of an eyeful than I expected.

Turns out their barbaric sharia-enforcement machine doesn’t really cut off fingers like a brakepress or guillotine, so much as partially slice them. Like… How you chop up hot dogs for mac-n-cheese.

Basically it’s a hand mangling device designed so that your fingers aren’t actually dismembered so much as flayed into little chads hanging from the bones.

So. Suffice it to say, the sawz-all is pretty tame in comparison.


If outer case was taken off carefully you would find just one thin rubber band wound around a tiny fluid filled ball. Every kid knew the fluid was a dangerous, blinding ACID.


I didn’t find this oddly captivating, I found it oddly annoying.

I want to SEE the results, stop moving the camera.

And if you’re going to put text up, at least keep it up long enough to read and to see what it’s describing.

This video is trying hard to make itself “cool” instead of trusting that the topic is inherently interesting. Which it WAS until the video made it hard to appreciate.


The guy could have at least walked away in slow motion from a ball exploding behind him.

And what was with that bit with the safety glasses at the end? Almost but not quite totally unlike a mike drop.


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Somewhere I probably have the single long string of elastic I carefully unwound from a ball, though it’s probably all dried out now. Had a squishy, liquid filled rubber ball in the center, about the diameter of a nickel. We weren’t sure it it was acid or radioactive (or radioactive acid!) Rumors abounded. Others had a harder rubber ball, some of which could be twisted into two halves to reveal aseal ring and a small liquid center.

And we didn’t have any Sawz-alls. Just pocket knives, and we never lost a finger.


According to Golfsmith the liquid cores were harmless, and lists one type of liquid core as being a mix of saltwater and cornsyrup.

Man, Big Corn is everywhere!


you can impose whatever binaries you choose on this analog world, MAN.