What happens when a golf ball gets run over by a steamroller?


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lol, now we need to see Hydraulic Press guy doing that with a golf ball.


Well duh - call in a pro.

I saw another video where the golf ball crumbled, it it looked like an old ball that used the “rubber band ball” core and it was old and dried out.


No. Him doing that to a steamroller!


Good thing that golf ball didn’t break! I remember hearing when I was a kid that the center of the golf ball was explosive and if you cut one in half, there’d be an explosion!


What? You mean the rubber band ball would burst open? I don’t think they ever made anything explosive in them.


Wait. Are you telling me that things I heard as a kid may not be true?!?

So… I don’t have to worry about going blind??


NO that is totally true. Look at me, I can’t see shit.


What happens when a golf ball gets run over by a steamroller?

The same thing that happens to everything else.


this is the best one ever:


This must be like Rule 34…anything you can find on the internet has been crushed by a hydraulic press?

I’m afraid to ask if Rule 34 applies to the hydraulic press.


Oh sure, it survives the steamroller. But I land one time on a cart path and it’s a shredded mess.
Perhaps that video should become a golf ball commercial?



Nah. Or at least not for those with a solid rather than wound core.

In one golf round, my partner had hit onto the green and walked to it as I prepared to hit a wedge from about 70 yards away. I took a very hard, very steep swing trying to impress him with a shot that would land beyond the hole and backspin close to it.

The ball did begin to spin back toward the hole as I intended. But then it veered right, then left. I couldn’t understand what was happening. Meanwhile, my partner up at the green was laughing hysterically. When there I could see why – there was half a ball. It was rolling around as predictably as a football would. I had hit it with the edge of the wedge and it had split exactly in two. The other half went who knows where.

We weren’t competing so I just replaced it with another ball to putt out. But it caused me to look up the rules & yep, there actually was a provision for this: you must play the largest fraction of the ball.

But no explosion.




Repeat after me: “This is not a steamroller. Steamrollers are antiques that almost nobody living has ever seen in action.” Once you have that mantra down pat you should work on “That machine digging over there is not a steam shovel. Like steamrollers, steam shovels are also antiques and would never be used in even the most poverty-stricken third world countries.”


Photo taken at the Rough & Tumble Historic Association Thresherman’s Reunion 2014.




In Lancaster, PA, and I didn’t hear about it in the 15 years I lived just north o’ there?


I do loves me a steam tractor.


But of course…