Golf ball hits a steel plate at 150 mph


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Wow… that is some serious deformation and elasticity.


An interesting video from Titleist immediately following, too.

I think another interesting thing is the different approaches various brands take for a golf ball manufacture.


US Golf Association think it’s fake, and have posted what they say is a genuine 150mph collision:


I’d be inclined to agree. I just can’t see a golf ball taking that amount of deformation without failing catastrophically.


Tiger Woods was swinging at 130mph when he was younger.


That is most definitely not a real golf ball.


Yeah, there’s no way the ball would flatten itself like that and not crack open. Once it gets that flat, all the momentum will go outward at an increasing rate, and all the stress and strain will be localized along the edge. There won’t be anything there to snap the surface back into shape.

Also, the ball looks like a swimmer doing a kick turn. What’s up with that? That’s highly exaggerated.


Here’s a video of a golf ball hitting two steel plates at the same time:


There’s some slow motion footage in this test lab video from Titleist of balls getting hit at speeds as high as 175mph, the flattening is closer to @Beanolini’s video than the one in this article:


Define “golf ball”. I suspect the original post video was of an object that looks like a golf ball but made out of a softer material.




Best parts of golf: Getting drunk while 1) driving the cart and 2) not having to play.


I knew my mother was lying to me when she told me not to open up a golf ball because it would explode.


yes, that ‘golf ball’ is made of foam rubber


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