Manygolf: simple, addictive online golf game


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looks a little like Scorched Earth multiplayer–cool!


I wasted a good 30 minutes on that last night. :slight_smile:


I’m way better at that game than I have any right to be.


oh wow! This was my first thought and I loved that game! Although the version I played on the good ol’ Apple IIc was much more raw than what is in the wiki article. Now I’m wondering if that was an early version and/or a different title??


There’s no nonsense: as soon as the page loads you’re assigned a name and thrown into the slowclap-worthy action.



Something I’m not seeing here?


It is very difficult to tell which ball is you when a lot of people are playing.

Is something I would totally expect somebody who wasted their precious time on playing this to say.

But not me.



Extra awesomesauce points for response to the Boing Effect ™



Ball bounces out of hole and doesn’t count as sunk. BS.


Doesn’t count in real golf, either. Verisimilitude!

Also, if any of you were playing just now and got owned by ANGRY WEDGE… It was me! It was me the whole time!


Is it even possible in real golf? The bottom of the cup is deep, pretty energy-absorbent, and somewhat funnel-shaped.


I had 3 land in the cup and still not count until I “putted” again.


Oh sure. Not on a putt, where it would just pass over or lip out if it was too fast, but balls can definitely bounce out of the hole, even with the flagstick in.

I play about once a year as a concession to my father, and even with that limited experience I can tell you that if it is possible under the physical laws of the universe, it will eventually happen with a golf ball.


There are a LOT of things possible under the physical laws of the universe that I would not want to happen to a random golf ball. Proof that this “sport” needs to be destroyed as soon as possible.


I think we should set it on the ground, hit it with a long stick, and hope it ends up in a hole somewhere.


I love playing golf, but I stopped years ago because golf courses are such an ecological waste.

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