These golf accessories will let you practice your game without leaving the house

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Isn’t golf, as with tennis, already a social distancing sport?!

Boingers don’t strike me much as the golfing type, especially in times like this. Tone deaf?


It seems wrong to let my family see me drinking at 10am.

I’m beginning to believe that the BoingBoing shop is either run by a mischevious AI or as a psychology experiment to rile up the local mutant techno-hippies and gather our responses in the comments section.


there are obviously far weightier issues facing us all right now, a true golfer will admit that being cooped up inside and missing the fairways and greens is its own little personal tragedy.

Weightier issues? You think? Personal tragedy for entitled fucks with nothing better to do and no imagination. I may be letting my visceral hatred of golf and golfists show through. 2% of UK land area is golf courses, 99% of which are privately owned and private members’ clubs. Almost double the land area used for housing. Manicured, over-watered, pesticide-ravaged, wildlife-unfriendly stage sets for dunderheads to take a walk on with some sticks and a ball and call it exercise. And if that’s you, sorry, not apologising.


yeah. Fuck golf.

Good for shrooming, mind.

I think there’s a rogue comma in there, ‘mind’ being the noun very much operated on by the verb ‘shrooming’. :slight_smile:

Shroomed golfers? Hmmm, might be worth seeing.

Good lord, no. They’re not for them.

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Oh, go on. It’d be hilarious - Caddyshackroom III

True, true.

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