Grandview Golf Club in York, Pa., calls cops to remove black members "playing too slowly"

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Why didn’t they charge anyone? Calling the police for that purpose constitutes no sort of crime?


I’m from York, PA and this does not surprise me in the slightest.


So first thing that comes to mind is “play through”. Now I only have golfed maybe a couple dozen times in my life (it was one of those couple times a year things with my dad). I distinctly recall there being a common courtesy to allow a faster moving group to play through and the way that was always initiated was the fast group would approach and ask “do you mind if we play through?” It’s golfing etiquette.

The second thing hat jumps out at me is this (I will guess 20 maybe 30 something) dude snarkily quips “you’re a real winner” to clearly an older woman. So exactly where are his supposed “good manners” of having respect for someone older than him?

As long as these ladies were taking a break off the field of play itself that is between holes. It’s perfectly fine. And it isn’t a matter for law enforcement. It’s clear what the issue was. GWB.


Grotesque White Boys?


Some golf players are some of the worst people. I used to play with a friend who is white, but has long dreadlocks. We literally never got to play a round without getting harrassed or maligned. Never openly of course, because these people are fucking cowards. Invariably, at some point during play the grounds keeper would drive up besides us in his little cart and tell us about some sort of complaint or we would hear about it when we returned to the counter after our round. We “had been seen not putting our divots back” or we “had been holding up the round” when we ourselves had been playing behind a group of seniors the whole time.


I still think that the bigger problem here is that cops roll out and put people in danger because of what stupid people tell them over the phone. We need to train cops that whatever their dispatcher tells them is only half the story and they need to actually go out and investigate before they start killing people.

These officers seem to have handled that well, in that no one got arrested or shot at, so that’s a plus.


That works too.

Maybe, but I have no faith at all that if the black women had called with the same complaint, the police would have handled it the same way.




The very nature of golf means it’s a sport designed for the upper classes: huge swaths of land, carefully groomed lawns, rules and etiquette that can be broken when it suits you (seriously, “playing too slow”? Did they actually time the women? How do you really judge “too slow” in golf?)

Plus, country clubs are legendary for being “exclusive.”

So, while I’m pissed off, I’m not really shocked.


It’s difficult to discipline or fire your own boss; even if you truly wanted to.


Yes. Yes. Totally agree. I once worked for catering company who had several country club accounts. Every time we worked a golf event we dealt with the angriest elitist assholes you’ve ever seen. Both men and women. I quickly learned golf isn’t really a sport after all it’s an excuse to walk around all day and drink cheap beer and get pissed off at everybody and yell at the ‘help’. Fuck those guys.


I must admit that I find it odd to sit down and take a “beer break” during an active game, but the group behind them should have simply played through. There was absolutely no reason to get the cops involved.


Racial discrimination at a golf course? How can that be?


They offered to let the group behind them go ahead, but they wanted a break too.

The course was running over an hour behind because of morning frost, and that fuckwit started trying to get them off the course at the 2nd tee-off. Somehow I doubt they played one damned hole so slowly that they were a menace to the course.


“Golf is a good walk. . . ruined.” --Samuel Clemens (attributed to him.)

[edited to add: I actually don’t mind golf, but I could see it being a lot more enjoyable if didn’t have to deal with other golfers.]


We have a phrase down here in Texas for young boys like that with no respect for their elders.
“He needs an ass whoopin’”
That’s not even a joke, hyperbolic, or anything like that. What that young douche needs is to have his ass beaten while he receives a lecture on respecting his elders and decent behavior. It needs to be done in public and in full view of his peers and the community.


Meh. I’d be happier if he’d been dragged off the course and jailed for filing a false police report. (Or whatever it’s called when you call the cops for no better reason than that you’re afraid of some golfing black ladies.)