Golf club hunts mystery man who keeps shitting in the holes


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Have you seen the Portland Pooper?

I love this person, I truly do!


Seems like a game trail camera would have solved this by now.


I believe the term is “hitting a deuce.”


Well that’s a pretty dumb assumption, and the weirdest pseudo-evo-sexism I’ve ever heard. A bunch of friends and I all went out to stay in one of the friend’s family Montauk house one spring. The plumbing hadn’t been turned on so we were all just using a bucket in the back yard. The one female on the trip left a few days earlier than the others, and sometime after her departure someone came into the house exclaiming about the truly heroic log that had been laid to rest among the others. After a round of “not-me” we all came to the startling conclusion that it had been left by the very petite lady who’d recently made her egress. She’s someone I know, ahem, rather well to this day, and apparently all three of her tiny sisters also shit like horses.

If anything assume it’s a dude because the best thing they could think to do for a prank is shitting in a hole.


The Turdcabra strikes again!


Shittercabra, surely.




I’ll get my coat.


Of course, no-one suspects the groundskeeper.


booo! boo!


So finding poop in the holes has become par for the course?



Yeah, sorry for that.

Comment of the week, 31 July 2015

…slow golf crap…


Copracabra? At the CopraCabana?


Aren’t you guys overlooking “Poopacabra” or is that one just too obvious?


Ugh, this thread stinks!


Considering that golf-courses are a wealthy indulgence and tend to deny access to recreational land for everyone but the golfers - and that is usually club-members - it’s appropriate to object to golf-courses. In fact it’s a moral duty. If I wanted to discourage golfers from using the course, I can’t think of a better way that filling up the holes with shit. Perhaps this will catch on. I hope so.


Why? He’s such a Charmin man


##Golf Course Full Of Ass Holes


You think it’s craptastic, but it’s actually subpar -rimshot-