A golf club you can pee in


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Finally! I’ve been urinating in the drink cans of my foursome for years simply because I didn’t know where else to go.

I’m still waiting for the Fecal Club though, as I’m sick of using sand traps like a cat.


Don’t they know that women golf now too? What’s the solution for that?


Women don’t urinate, duh.


A woman? At a golf club? Is that allowed?


Use a toilet like a civil creature?


Who else would bring me my Arnold Palmers?


Taking a dump in the traps is most certainly a foul.


Can’t come soon enough for one golf club.

Have they noticed yet, by the way?


No, the key is to provide Schlitz.


“Hey, Bob, whatcha got in the handle of that club? Whisky, vodka? Give me drink of that!”


Big day for “urine” on BB, methinks.


“…and no more embarrassing moments.”

Just by taking a whiz in this gizmo? Talk about life-changing!


“Just apple juice Phil, but it’s unfortunately warm. You can certainly have some though!”


A good walk soiled.


If that’s your thing, then urine luck.


I just offer to hold their golf bag for a bit…


I’m aware its years out of date, but:

That’s what she said.




Plus the guy in the photo is so damn subtle that who would ever guess what he’s doing/?