Here are the accessories that’ll take your golf game to the next level

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So, all this gear will help me finally conquer the windmill? :thinking:



Seriously is there some way to block this shit?

I love the happy mutant news but golfing crap is beyond the pale


What year was it when the mutants were last happy?

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And in blog view it just goes on and on and on, down and down forever. I had to navigate a cavern maze and fight a fucking Plesiosaur just to make it to the comments.


Talk about knowing your audience.


You’re holding it by the wrong end.

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Golf is the worst sport ever.

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Golf isn’t a sport. It’s an activity.


Something, something, bull fighting, car racing, and mountaineering.
(Probably the only time I’d agree with Hemingway.)
((and not so much on the bull fighting, seeing how the bull is handicapped.))

Is “smokes a joint while playing” levelling up or down? Because I’ve played golf once and it wasn’t a joint wasted.

I mean, I wouldn’t play without smoking but I can imagine people do.

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The best golf accessory is a Secret Service detail. You can get them to claim your ball has landed in an insecure location, then move it to wherever you please. Works best for douchebag narcissists.


Oh, people still care about golf. That’s cute. It’s awesome that rich people make sure millions of acres of potential public parkland is cordoned off so they can play with their balls away from the poors.

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#1 accessory is a golf ball. This will substantially up your golf game.

#2 accessory is a golf club. Any club will do as they are all basically the same.

Getting these top two accessories will improve your golf game more than any others.

Congratulations, you are now a golfer.

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It’s like skymall never went away.


I would bet 99% of all known BBers do not play golf and if any do, then not to levels likely to require this bunch of crapgadgetry.

I loathe and detest golf (and golfers) with a passion. Vast swathes of the countryside manicured to within an inch of its life, consuming vast quantities of water, covered in herbicides, and ruining the environment for wildlife.

A staggering 2% of all land in the UK is used for golf courses. Almost double the amount used for domestic dwellings.

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