USB half-golfball with one USB port

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Did you mean to link to the Twitter feed here, Rob?

[…] posted to Twitter by @foone (whose epic threads about subjects such as “possibly cursed USB adapters” are easily the best thing on Twitter right now) […]

Because it links to Amazon as well.


Hey, CueCats aren’t pointless — I used one to catalog my whole book collection one time, back in the day.


But @beschizza you’re missing the point. See I am a rich elitist golf nut. I spend a lot of money on my golf club memberships and equipment. I need something on my desk that let’s people know I am an insanely awesome golfer. /s


If you were actually an insanely awesome golfer, you’d consider a trophy. Which seems gauche - but it’s actually fine, because most rich elitist golf nuts also lack tact and style. :wink:


Fixed the link, thanks


DAMMIT! I was all ready to whip out my CueCat and parade up and down the streets of our fair BBS, only to read the last line of the post. All hopes dashed, CueCat slinks back to its cage in the garage where I’ll feed it proprietary USB cable connectors and scraps of obsolescent technology.

I made a Xmas wreath out of all our old SCSI cables, parallel adapters, and rip rap and then wrapped that with some cheery actinic LEDs.

Ordered two half golf balls, will hot glue them together just cuz…


I think that thing is targeted right at that kind of person who thinks themselves so awesome. I just rewatched Caddyshack for the first time in 20 years at least…I am fairly sure The Judge would have bought one of these for every desk he had.


One of my coworkers brought this in.ハンピングドッグ-フィギュア/dp/B000LA8ZBA/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_21_img_1/134-4716848-4636408?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=J2B7ZAA8MWWJ7WX9825E

I have a boomer father who has never played golf and is just not the type to ever have any interest. When I was a child I delighted in giving him cheap golf accessories as prank gifts. He was humor challenged enough not to see that was a prank, and would feign thankfulness at my thoughtfulness. I stopped when I attained the level of maturity where laughing with people became preferable to laughing at people.

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This is not pointless—you can daisy chain USB together. So you can attach as many golf ball USB extension cords as you need!


This device seems hardly totally useless. I guess the only odd thing about it is being shaped like a golf ball? If your computer isn’t on your desk or other area with easily reachable USB ports, you can plug this in, and have it sit on a convenient part of the desk. That makes plugging in flash drives pretty convenient and easy. (Or temporarily printers or other devices you’re testing.)

I have one myself, that isn’t golf ball shaped, and I love it.


yep, that’s exactly what it is. a usb cord with a weight to stay in place on the desk. the aesthetic is questionable, but the utility is not.


My CueCat was a first gen PS2 one. I later found there were USB ones as well and was disappointed that I didn’t have one.

Now of course it’s way easier to just scan bar codes with a phone camera.

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On the other hand, it is only USB 2.0. If your use case involves thumb drives, you might well be frustrated. (When I plug in a thumb drive at the last moment before catching the bus, speed is often of the essence.)

(I have a USB 3.0 extension cable, which oddly enough I’ve only used for USB 2.0 devices like scanners, graphics tablets, and tethering a camera . The cable’s extra girth and extra pins are largely wasted. Oh well. )

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The University I’m at has one attached to their document scanner in the library. It’s black, so it never occurred to me that it was designed to resemble a golf ball, and is a completely inoffensive, useful, little bit of kit.


I’m thinking of one in particular.

Melania should get one for Tubby. Of course, he would have no clue as to it’s intended purpose.

But, Golf!

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