This putting mat combines golf and beer pong for an epic backyard game

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I’ve never cared for drinking games; they seem to be for people who need help drinking too much. It’s the mark of the amateur. For competent drinkers, the game just gets in the way.

I like that this combines drinking games with golf, because I also hate golf.

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Played a bit of “nerf golf” played with either nerf or plastic golf balls. Indoors or out. All that is needed is a ball and a golf club(real or just a toy).

Rules subject to course conditions and adjustment by the group:

Pick a target(tree, rock, chair, door, whatever) and whoever gets closest to the target gets to call the first hole.

First hole, the picker gets to make it as elaborate or as simple as they want. Typical hole might be, go between the 2 trees, then off to the left and bounce off the rock, then finish between 2 bushes and call it a par 3. Some will always have a bucket as the final stroke, either laying on it’s side or upright, so that you have to chip it in.

Low score wins.

Scoring for the person who designed the hole is much tougher than for others. If you chose the hole and called it a par 3, then did it in 3 strokes, you score a 3. Over or under par adds two points per stroke.

Everybody else scores one point per stroke.

Low scorer per hole gets to call the next hole.

You can’t play the same hole more than 2 times per game and never back to back.

When I play regular golf I have to pace myself to a 1 beer every 3 holes. I don’t like having more than 6 beers before lunch.

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