What happens when a golf ball gets run over by a steamroller?

I am sure it is just a conspiracy to drive you crazy… I’d better put on my tinfoil hat (which is not actually a tinfoil hat, but an aluminum foil hat)…


Nobody in the know would ever use aluminum foil. Tin foil had its day but today everybody around the Conspiracy Control Committee uses a two-layer mu foil construction with a high-dielectric plastic film between. As long as the two layers of metal don’t touch and the hat is long enough to cover the brain stem we are safe.

But actually, it just irritates that when something has a perfectly fine name that people refuse to use. If it is a steamroller why isn’t that Subaru a horseless carriage?


Car is short for carriage.

Then there’s the word “coach”, which seldom has footmen anymore.

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Can I put you on hold? Somebody just dialed me on the the other line.


There’s a steam roller running most weekends at a museum not far from me. They even let people have a go at driving it

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Reminds of when I destroyed my dad’s vise trying to crush a golf ball…


How about the ones filled with radioactive acid?

One golfball I took apart as a kid had a squishy rubber ball inside the rubber banding. Filled with dangerous liquid. Pop it or puncture it and you’d die horribly.


What happens?

Uh, clickbait?

I’m so sorry, my thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Should we send flowers?

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Leaving satisfied.

No, just send cash… Tens and twenties… Or bitcoins. :money_mouth:

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How about Blitkoinz®?

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