Beaver herds cattle


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Again? That little guy is working overtime!


Cows curious about beaver, beaver walks away. Cows, still curious, follow. Correlation=/=causation. Everyone knows you can’t herd from in front, only lead if you’ve got what it takes.


That was last week’s beaver. This is this week’s beaver.



It’s been done.


Can we start a campaign to get portrait vs. landscape added to the common core educational standards? The land has SO MUCH horizon, yet the video is shot vertically.


Isn’t it a matter of common knowledge that “He who grazes trees” is one of the most enduring messianic figures in bovine mythology?

Most sects thought that he’d be a little larger; but when the prophecy is fulfilled…


My teens roll their eyes when I go off on vertical video. 99% of their viewing is on their phones anyway.


i think it would be easier to get cameras to film in a wider-lens/landscape by default, making portrait mode a tappable option. most people hold them in portrait mode because it’s easier on their hands and faster to get filming in the moment one-handed.