Because cybersecurity: the private jet edition

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This is the face I’m making right now.


They either have a very expensive fleet of planes, or they don’t lease the aircraft until you ask for them.

I’m quite happy for the 1% to buy private jets, they kept me employed for a not insubstantial part of my career.


Is that WinXP running on the laptop? …I don’t think Status Jet is going to save them.


StatusJet isn’t aimed at the top 1%; they’ve already got what StatusJet is offering. The ad seems aimed at the next 1% who want into the top 1%.


So not having an internet connection is “cybersecurity”? How about:

Personal, portable cybersecure faraday cage. Made from lightweight conductive thread, protects against all forms of hacker waves. Step right up, chumps.


IIRC, and I can’t locate the statistics, the minimum income of a one percenter is a couple of hundred thousand. Enough to live the middle class dream without being burdened by debt,
It’s not quite “private jet” money. The average (million plus) is pulled up by the incredibly high income inequality within the “one percenter class”.

But, yes, something that should be accessible to all–internet security-- is being priced as a luxury good-- or, dare I say it-- A Veblen good.


Man, I need to leave Mozilla and go be a security contractor for the feds.


No, for raytheon (with fed contracts). Muuuch better paid.


When I found out how much some folks are paid by the feds to contract for them, I told my security friends “Why the fuck are we working in silicon valley? There’s gold in them thar hills.”

I fucking hate feds though. :slight_smile:


I’d be afraid I’d rage quit. You don’t get many of those, and I’ve already tapped one.


I can’t say “Cyber” without giggling.


Yeah, we really shouldn’t be focusing on the top 1% (they’re about 450K by the way), especially if that’s actual income we’re talking about and not money obtained from investments and such. The working top 1% are pretty much the American dream and a lot of them produce quite well (again, not all of them). Plus that’s just one in a hundred people, they’re not really the ‘elite’ we should be talking about.

Instead it’s the top .1%, .01%, and .001% that we should be focusing on…and not just from the standpoint of income but also from the standpoint of accumulated wealth and resources. That’s where we start hitting people who haven’t ‘earned’ their wealth and instead can’t deny (honestly) that luck also wasn’t a huge factor. Even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet wouldn’t argue that they’ve worked harder or are more deserving than your average nurse working in an ER.

I think focusing on the entire top 1% actually ends up hiding the far smaller percentage of individuals who are the actual problem.


Coming soon, because Cyber-security: escorts (instead of hookers)


This awful advertisement is presumably aimed at members of the 0.01% who aspire to join the 0.001% but can’t actually keep up the lease payments on their BMW.


The top .01% make about 23 million a year on average (mostly on investments), so they’re doing fine there.

It’s a scary curve when you get into those upper percentiles. They’re like the American gentry.


Make 23 million a year

I work with hungry, motivated techies in the valley, and the concept of “the number” comes up regularly. As in, what is the number, the amount of money, would it take you to Drop the Mic and walk away.

Noone has ever said $20 mil a year. One guy I know has his number pegged at $35 mil total, which I mocked heavily. How would you even spend that?

I have also heard people say $250k. Which I also have a hard time swallowing–what if you get sick? I had a dear friend in high school in 1996 that ran up a million bucks in medical bills (brain cancer).

Fuck the 0.1%. And private aircraft? Gaaaaah… I don’t even fly business class.

What was I saying?


its not like these jets have to share the same air traffic infrastructure that the hoi paloi are stuck with, or the same runways, or the same fuel… its hard not to daydream about ways to target exactly these people in these planes, and leave the 99% alone.

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I have a friend who flies a private aircraft any time he can.

…but he is not using those bizjets with a crew but rents a Cessna-class one and pilots it himself. It’s not inexpensive but it is surprisingly affordable.


There is a guy I know that has a private aircraft. A forties or fifties (depends on the provence of the part) blue Bi-Plane :D. He fly’s around town at about a mile an hour, and the thing looks amazing.