Because of course Pearson would

So, let’s say that you’ve probably heard of an ‘institutional review board’ before, say because you are a hegemonic defense contractor of educational content slurry. Would you think that it’s a good idea or an awesome idea to do a little quiet psychological experimentation on a few thousand students?

For extra credit, the ‘no intervention’ group outperformed both of the intervention groups.


“This page ( is currently offline.”


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Damn, wasn’t yesterday, will try to locate a working link when I have a real computer to use.

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This seems to be talking about the same thing:


Yes, thank you. Same paper title(curiously said paper doesn’t seem to be up, even behind a paywall, yet); and same software platform and target size.

Also same cringeworthy encouragement stimuli:

Getting drippingly saccharine slime like “Some students tried this question 26 times! Don’t worry if it takes you a few tries to get it right.” when just trying to work out a CS problem set you drive me to my best imitation of the Barbie “math is hard!” and/or drink pretty quickly.

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