Becky Chambers' 'A Closed and Common Orbit' brought me to tears


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Thanks. Added to the list.


Such a lovely book, and to think I was miffed they didn’t continue the story from the first book! Such wonderful characterswith such wonderful backstories and personalities. I want dozens of more books in this universe!


This one is my fave. I love the crap out of this book.

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Loved this one hard. There are times I think this one is my least favorite of the three, and then I remember some great little character bit or choice piece of dialogue, and I remember how utterly grand it was. :slight_smile:


Chambers has the same magic I found reading Norton’s Solar Queen books. And that is high praise


Interesting, if this is more on the emotional/sad spectrum i might be disinclined to read it because my life is stressful and hard enough. Thematically it does seem quite interesting though, i might add it to my list in case i change my mind.


I totally understand that, but I will say that this book has a happy ending (hope that’s not too spoilery) and is full of characters trying to support each other, so it might even cheer you up. Woth putting on the ‘to read’ pile though.

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I appreciate the insight :slight_smile:

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