'To Be Taught, If Fortunate' is a touching novella by Becky Chambers

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I’m guessing you’ve read The Forever War, which deals with that theme as well. Putting this one on my reading list!

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I enjoy of the Becky Chambers and will with this as well.


This is in the Apple Bookstore twice - one version is 8.99, the other is 3.99. Is there any difference?

Wow. I found “A Closed and Common Orbit” via my library because of this post.

I am already sucked into the universe. @jlw, thanks! Finding a new sci-fi author is hard work, and I am digging this one.

And yes, I know it’s the sequel but it is what was available.


Also in that genre:
Larry Niven’s A World out of Time
to a lesser degree
Heinlein’s Time for the Stars

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