The Forever War Kindle Edition for 25 cents


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Hey, the link in the “and added the audiobook version for $3.50” section is a link that causes Amazon to sell you the ebook, and then offer the audible add-on.
I was going to buy anyway, but it’s really disconcerting to click a link and arrive at a purchase confirmation page – I thought I had carefully never turned on one-click ordering.
Just so you know.

Edit: the plot thickens; I was not charged for the book, it just showed me the purchase confirmation page?


Awesome book; I’ve been meaning to re-read it for a while. Interstellar war with no FTL travel makes for a fascinating setting.


The Forever War is a justly praised classic, worth every accolade it’s collected.

Forever Peace is a novel related in theme but is in no way a sequel to The Forever War. It’s not bad, but it’s not on anyone’s top 10 list.

Forever Free is a direct sequel to The Forever War. I thought, again, it wasn’t bad, but a little squishy at the end.


FYI: The affiliate tag in your first link is invalid.


I saw the same thing.

Weird, isn’t it?


There is FTL travel in Forever War, it’s just that the spaceships have to use relativistic travel to get between the collapsar stargates used for FTL. I think this was mainly done for novelistic reasons, in order that the war could carry on long enough for relativity to have a dramatic effect.


I thought it was only near-lightspeed travel, with the resulting time
dilation effects. Been a while since I read it. But I ponied up a quarter
so I can read it again. :slight_smile:


yep, Forever War is a bona fide classic, would be worth 100 times the 25 cents, Forever Free was such garbage I didn’t bother with Forever Peace in the omnibus of all three I bought.


Kindle Price: $11.38

Oh well


Down in the basement, I have the book. I have the Analog bits. I have an outtake or two, either in Galaxy or Analog, I forget.

Off to the basement to do some mining!


Never got around to this one, but I recommend his Vietnam War novel, War Year.


This title is not currently available for purchase

Oh well


Although not as good a novel as Forever War, Forever Peace may actually be the most important of the three.

It has a lot to say about the impact of drone warfare, from before anyone realised what that was.


Same here. Apparently I wasn’t charged for the book either?


I got dropped off on the same page. I had purchased the Kindle addition back in 2012 so I’m wondering if that has anything to do with it. I wasn’t charged either.


Second best American work of fiction about 'Nam, after The Things They Carried.

Is it FTL, or just light-speed from collapsar to collapsar? Admittedly I haven’t read it in, well, forever. It may be time for a revisit (something I rarely do with any book).


I read “A Separate War” in the Far Horizons anthology, which I fear has spoiled much of the story. But I’ve heard enough good things about this novel that I’d still like to read it some day.


I think that one is also published as “1968” – powerful story.


My copy’s packed away in a box… somewhere… so I can’t quote it, but a look at the TVTropes page on the book confirms my memory.