Boing Boing Buyer's Guide to Time


I always think of a Nixie tube watch when I think of time.

This is a product placement post, right?


Time Bandits
Quantum Leap
The Adventures of Brisco County , Jr


826LA’s Time Travel Mart
Get silly stuff under the guise of supporting literacy/writing skills…


Also, Voyagers -

I’ve not yet seen anyone mention frittering and wasting hours in an off-hand way.

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It’s About Time was pretty bad, but it had great opening credits.

As for Time Tunnel, it is the only one of the Irwin Allen science fiction shows that I still find watchable; Lost In Space (my favorite as a kid) is slow as molasses, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is just cheesy (though the original movie is still fun). Land of the Giants was so creepy to me as a kid that I haven’t yet mustered the courage to watch it as an adult.

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A Matter of Time: The Back to the Future Lexicon

Back in Time: The Back to the Future Chronology

I have a flux capacitor around that I once installed in a Porsche Speedster for kicks. Car could not reliably hit 88 tho.

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