Become a master of SEO and Google with this zero to hero training bundle

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  • Convince websites across the internet to put their brand on a dodgy white label discount web store and pretend it is theirs.
  • Have the sites post hyperbolic advertorials for web store products from their own domain using their own content management system.
  • Write natural language custom copy for each advertorial.
  • Profit!

There, just saved you $49.99.

(If you’ve ever wondered why Stack Social doesn’t care how cheesy it’s ad copy is, keep in mind that Stack Social is a master of SEO. I think the natural language word vomit ad copy seemingly independently coming from multiple 1st party websites is a big part of why, and why they don’t care if you think it is cheesy. Just google any product you see Stack Social advertorials for various stack social web stores will dominate the search results, burying critical reviews and independent commentary if there is any online.)

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