This SEO tool keeps your site one step ahead of the competition

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has flourished into a hot topic amongst marketers and web developers aiming to promote their brands on the web.

…in the 1990s.


Fuck this. SEO pretty much killed the Internet as we once knew it and turned searching into one giant ad.


Which is why I don’t understand why BB is promoting them. Especially since the BB stance seems to be that SEO is an unfortunate evil practiced by the demonic masters of subterfuge and skullduggery on the Internet. Am disappointed in them for this.

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Remember when Google’s slogan was something like “Do no harm”? Look how they’ve harmed the internet, though. Their dominance means that no matter how great their algorithms are, they’re still just a system to be gamed for profit.

It was “Don’t Be Evil”. They got rid of that years ago.

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This was always just a catchphrase, an in-joke.
Never a statement they were committed to in any sense.

Another way to improve your standing is to offer good, quality content people are interested in.
This will build a solid fanbase that will promote your site by word of mouth, which has quite an impact.

Also lifelong… now that’s just as meaningless as don’t be evil.

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