This tool helps your site beat the SEO scramble


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Curious, does SOP work with search engines like DuckDuckGo?


So. You all want to continue to fuck up the Internet? Way to go you bozos.


:notes: Doing the SEO shuffle :notes:


Well that stock art certainly fills me with confidence.


My initial research shows they would have reached a 80x larger market and their claims would be 100% more accurate if they hadn’t forgotten the third “o” in their name.


The look in the eyes of that man in the stock photo. It speaks volumes. “Help,” it pleads. “I’m trapped in an endless hell of Search Engine Optimization. Please. Send help.” But there will be no help. Only offers to show his desperate pleas to a few more people, if only he’ll spend just a few measly dollars.



No one wins an arms race. You can only lose.


Not true.

The arms manufacturers win.


Indeed. I should have been more specific about the “you.”

Sadly, in this case “not playing” may also be a losing move.


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