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#3. [poll]

  • boing boing go?

  • duck duck boing?

  • fuck the nsa?


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Wait, what? Can you explain this to me like I am four years old?

After many years, default search on the main page is now powered by duck-duck-go, and not goo-goo-gle.

The boingboing front page uses search results from duckduckgo.

At first I thought this was going to be some kind of game, then I noticed it was in meta, now I want to make it a game of some kind.


LOL, timing!


3rd image


If someone already lost, was this not a game?

Careful, game threads without explicitly stated rules tend to get closed down as ‘complete’. :wink:

Search me.

23rd and 42nd images

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sometimes a cigar…

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Spamming this thread as I already am… has anyone watched TITANSGRAVE, Wheaton’s new RPG youtube gamey thingimujig?

I think I might have my next few hours booked…

You can lead a duck to water but it’s like horse feathers off a gift mouth.

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Then I’m against it!


You posted this reply 28 DAYS LATER, Cillian Murphy!!! Watch out for people with Rage of the streets of London…


Maybe because we were watching Interview with the Vampire last night?

Classy move, BB. I, for one, welcome our new duck overlords.

I can’t help but shudder a little when someone says “i’ll just google it” when talking about something unbelievably personal regarding health, political views, sexual proclivities etc.


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