Becoming a Web developer as an RPG skill-tree


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In my experience, SEO mastery will give you -5 Charisma.


That’s gorgeous, and quite fun!

A couple of us were just putting something together that was sort of an RPG-for-life as an example of ways to motivate people into various sorts of jobs. It’s closer to a Pen and Paper treatment but we were just talking about making a character builder for it! Now that thought’s pretty well embedded. . hmmmm

Great find!

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I like that the default character via the BB hyperlink is


That’s a nice touch – a good symptom of web developer-itis.

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This game gave me lots of options throughout, I thought these would have an impact on the ending but it was just the same whatever you did. 4/10. I hope they release an expansion soon to fix this.

Something like this for a wide range of careers would really be helpful for kids (ya). I actually know a nonprofit for at-risk youth doing something similar, though not in the rpg format. This could be done as a kind of wiki so that people could add their own professions easily, and add subspecialties.

Though, unfortunately for the rest of the planet, the -10 wisdom penalty it imposes tends to prevent the newly-minted ‘SEO Ninja’ from ever realizing that…

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D&D will save the world! I like it.

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I’m really surprised couldn’t find a version online, because the psychology is EXCELLENT. In particular the ability to draw people into specific roles that has larger rewards but they’re more willing to do than most. I was having a hard time getting people to visualize how we’d get people to embrace doing ‘crap’ jobs and ‘traumatic’ jobs (Janitor to EMT to Elder Care) in a system that was more appealing to the creators and inventors and designed to be management-free (like an Uber-valve)

I’m thinking this is a really good option, the few people I’ve bounced it off of loved it. Just need to pretty it up, start filling in some data elements (another perk! I get to get out some of the ‘fun’ ideas in a really good way)

In Coopernation, game plays you!

All I’ve done so far is basic outlining though :frowning: I need to learn some web-app skills and apply a little artistic effort for this one.

This is some excellent design work, but I’d love to see it combined with its own set of tutorials, so that progress is charted in a more concrete way.

Codecademy has some progress-tracking / points-earning functionality, but nothing like this presentation.

The language-learning site Duolingo has, I think, the best combination of an approachable ‘skill tree’ and useful lessons. You can even do skill tests to skip the stuff you already know.

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