Could anybody help with something similar to an online character builder for humans?

Hi all.

So, I’ve been working on something that’s kind of absurdly difficult, and I’ve hit a brick wall that somebody else probably can break through in very little time.

It sounds like a silly idea, but if we implement it I’m pretty sure we’ve got the last thing I need to really start hammering some points home (and to break that annoying ‘TL;DR’ barrier)

Here’s a bit of background, and some of the basic plan

I can do the tables and queries just fine, but I’ve got no presentation skills and while there’s nothing in web design that I’m fundamentally incapable of learning, that was what my beloved did while sitting next to me on the bed a lot of nights, so trying to learn these things myself is really. . . emotional, to the point where it’s really slowing me down.

I don’t have any money, but this is a really good thing to do, and could help a lot of people. I’d be forever in your debt and Rebs’d appreciate the heck out of it from wherever she is.



Seriously, I need to get past this TL;DR thing. There’s not ONE problem that anybody has brought up that isn’t already solved repeatedly inside the tiny chunk of website I have out there.

What’s the point in solving some really big problems if you’re stuck doing it alone? This isn’t FOR me, it’s an obligation.

Seriously, have all the big problems been solved repeatedly and just been ignored? WTF?

I’m sorry Idon’t know anything that’d help I wish you luck. Mostly responding so you don’t feel alone or like people are uninterested.

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I’m still completely stuck, but you totally made my day. Seriously, I just giggled out loud.


Sometimes you take what you can get, right?

On the positive side, I actually made a crummy picture (and stole one from fallout) to at least start things rolling!

On the positive side you inspired me to use my very limited artistic talents (and an icon stolen from Fallout) to make a picture!

Which did help with some screen-real-estate thoughts!

Looks pretty spiffy to me. There are websites that make buttons you can use with rounded/glossy/etc effects and a second image for ‘pressed button’ effects.

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