Great, weird, and bad examples of Empty States in apps

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Much more real than Screenshots of Despair.

It makes me think of all those old video games where you’ll never get to see what it looks like when you delete your save file, as that would require irretrievably deleting your save file.

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(Wonderfully ironic that the left hand nav on their site results in 404s.)

Being a designer myself, I personally hate these “collection” sites though. I know it’s their site, and they can do what the damn well please, but how about some, you know, critique?? Any idiot can roam the web finding endless examples of something. What I’d like to see is their thoughts about each. Are they any good? Why are they good? If they’re bad, say so, and why you think they’re bad. They are example of human design decisions after all, not fucking shells from the beach, or snowflakes.

Lazy. Either that or they just don’t have the brains. Maybe that’s why so many apps are shit these days.

prepend a www to what’s shown in the address bar and this is what you’ll get.

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