Stop bloody tinkering with BB's design!

Why do perfectly cromulent features keep disappearing from BB’s pages, with nary a clue as to where they can be found or why they’ve gone? Am I supposed to get to the BBS only by going through the comments button at the end of a particular post now? Search for a podcast so as I can click from there to the list of podcasts? Are you screening your readers for intelligence (or shared cultural design biases) now?

And why do the pages suddenly no longer fit properly on my tablet screen? All I see when I open page/1 on my screen is the BB logo,a link submissions button, a search icon, three adverts and a huge field of white space; I have to scroll down two screens just to find the first post. It was fine this morning.

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Shouldn’t this kind of thing be done on test data, rather than on the live site?

@Mister_Eppy and I agree.


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